Thinking of building a Kit? Why not take it one step further. Pre-made kits and model structures are popular and available for various scales, and can significantly add to the realism of a Model Railroad layout. But you may want something more unique, or something a little more affordable. That's where comes into the picture. Often with just a few more steps than preparing and assembling a kit, you can create your own structures from scratch for far less money.

Each Plan & Templates Package also includes a FREE printable Cardstock model of the structure.  See catalog page for details.

All Structure images/smpbiz on this site are photos of actual scale models.

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Each of these plans can be constructed with your choice of balsa, basswood, styrene, photo paper, card stock, or any of the many available varieties of modeling materials. All plans are available in N, HO, OO, and O scales. Some are available in Garden Scale, and most can be printed in Z, S, and TT scales. Modeling materials are available at local craft and hobby stores or visit our Links page for online availability.

All plan sets include color cardstock mock-up versions as well (unless otherwise noted on

Click on any image for more information and to purchase any of over 90 scale plans (Scroll down for ALPHABETICAL INDEX):

Stone Foot Bridge N scale Scale model farm house scratchbuilding plans Model railroad bridge
Plan 390 - Foot Bridge Collection $4.95 Plan 1143 - Jessel Farm House plans $7.95 Plan 1590 - Plate Girder Bridge plans $10.95
Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad bunkhouse A T & SF Railroad Control Tower  Model Railroad Plans Scale model gas station model railroad layout plans
Plan 444 - Grand Trunk Pacific Bunkhouse plans $7.95 Plan 1144 - A, T & SF Railroad Control Tower plans $9.95 Plan 1598 - Gas Station plans $9.95
HO scale Model railroad signal box Z scale structure plan HO Scale plans Cookstoen Tavern
Plan 445 - Greymouth Signal Box plans  $9.95 Plan 1163 - Grandma's House plans $7.95 Plan 1768 - Cookstown Tavern plans $9.95
Trackside building model railroad plans Grain elevator scale plans for model railroad HO Scale Fire Hall model plans
Plan 545 - Trackside Building plans - coming Dec. 2015 Plan 1166 - Grain Elevator plans $8.95 Plan 1783 - Fire Hall plans $9.95
Fort Steele Stage Lines Model Train plans - N scale structures N scale Masonic Hall
Plan 556 - Fort Steele Stage Lines Office - $7.95 Plan 1176 - Cottage plans $7.95 Plan 1700 - Barkerville Masonic Hall - $9.95
Garden Scale Railroad plans Grand Trunk Depot Great Stone Viaduct Model Railway plans N Scale model railroad truss bridge plans
Plan 606 - Grand Trunk Railway Depot plans $8.95 Plan 1190 - Great Stone Viaduct plans $9.95 Plan 1790 - Railroad Bridge plans $8.95
Craigellachie the Last Spike depot model Garden Scale railway structure plans G scale Model Railway structure plans O scale
Plan 616 - The Last Spike plans $8.95 Plan 1200 - Watson's General Store plans $9.95 Plan 1798 - Painted Ladies plans $12.95
Classic art deco diner Z scale model railway structure plans HO Scale Motel structure plans
Plan 635 - Molly's Diner plans $9.95 Plan 1224 -Renfrew Street Cottage plans $7.95 Plan 1824 - the El Dorado Motel plans $11.95
vintage scale model garage  Christmas Village cardstock craft HO scale victorian house plans for model train layout
Plan 698 Fernridge Garage plans - $8.95 Plan 1225S - Christmas Village cardstock printouts $13.95  Plan 1884 - Dr's House plans $9.95
Model Railroad plans HO scale cottage Glitter Houses from HO scale schoolhouse for model train layout
Plan 704 - Cottage plans $7.95 Plan 1226s - Glitter House Collection $9.95 Plan 1917 - Pettigrew School plans $9.95
NYLB Railroad Freight shed plans O scale Christmas Village Candy Store Gas station plans for model train layout
Plan 730 - Freight Shed plans $3.95 Plan 1228S - Candy Store cardstock printouts $4.95  Plan 1921 - Greencourt Garage plans $9.95
Drive-in plans for model railway HO Scale O scale structure plans for model railway scale building model railroad sawmill plans
Plan 715 - Tastee-Treat Drive-In plans $9.95 Plan 1240 - The Carson House plans $8.95 Plan 1924 - Sawmill plans plans $9.95
 Z scale Central Ontario Railway Depot plans St. Mary's Church N scale model railroad structure plans HO Scale model railroad depot plans CNR Third Class
Plan 735 - Central Ontario Railway plans $7.95 Plan 1244 - St. Mary's Church plans plans $9.95 Plan 2008 - CNR Depot Plans plans $9.95
Gibraltar Point Lighthouse plans for model train layout HO scale church plans model train layout backgrounds
Plan 756 - Gibraltar Point Lighthouse plans $9.95 Plan 1272 - Christ Church plans $9.95 Plan 2020 - Low-relief Cardstock "flats" - $8.95
Plans for scratch building model railway structures New england covered bridge for model railroad  O scale model railroad structure plan kit
Plan 784 - Cottage plans $8.95 Plan 1290 - New England Covered Bridge plans $7.95 Plan 2036 plans  $8.95
Plans for scratch building model railway structures Mattock School N scale model N scale model railroad CPR depot plans
Plan 795 - Rancher plans $8.95 Plan 1297 - Mattock School plans $8.95 Plan 2054 - CPR Depot plans $9.95
cardstock kit for OO scale model train layout English Pub N Scale model building plans
Plan 821 - Charlbury Station plans $8.95 Plan 1382 - English Pub plans $9.95 Plan 2060 - Low-relief Structures plans $10.95
HO scale N scale model train building N Scale model railroad water tower plans - CNR and CPR scratchbuilt CNR model railroad plans depot
Plan 835 -- Vintage mobile home plans $4.95 Plan 1390 - Water Tower plans $8.95 Plan 2062 - CNR Depot plans $9.95
Cardstock kit model train depot HO scale N scale O scalel model train covered bridge plans Kaslo City Hall scale model
Plan 879 - Princeton Station plans $7.95 Plan 1400 - Covered Bridge plans $7.95 Plan 2076 - Kaslo City Hall plans $9.95
OO Scale cardstock structure terrace house scratchbuilding plans for scale model Victorian house Model railroad oil refinery plans
Plan 890 - Gravesend Terrace House plans $7.95 Plan 1408 Victorian  plans $8.95 Plan 2088 - Oil Refinery plans $19.95
CNR Section House structure plans scratchbuilt N scale round house scale plans HO Scale Coal Mine model plans
Plan 892 - CNoR Section House plans $8.95 Plan 1438 - Engine house plans $9.95 Plan 2098 - Coal Mine plans $29.95
scratch building plans for model railway layout O scale HO scale OO scale N scale Scratch build plans for Victorian house HO scale Scale plans for Paramount Theatre N scale
Plan 906 - Cottage & Garage plans $8.95 Plan 1466 - Victorian plans $9.95 Plan 2169 - Paramount Theatre plans $9.95
scratchbuilding plans for OO scale model row house Scratch build plans for N scale model railroad Old West store Scale model Trailer park model railway plans
Plan 998 - The Todman House plans $7.95 Plan 1495 - "Old West" Store & Hotel plans $7.95 Plan 2170 - Westfield Trailer Park plans $19.95
Garden Scale Model Scale Firehall Z scale cardstock kit scratchbuilt o scale schoolhouse
Plan 1023 - Orbisonia Firehouse plans $7.95 Plan 1511 - Post War Houses plans $9.95 Plan 2317 - Murrayville School plans $9.95
Coaling Station model Scale model drive-in theatre plans 1900's Catalog House scratchbuilding plans
Plan 1042 - Coaling Station plans $9.95 Plan 1515 - Drive in Theatre plans $18.95 Plan 2428 - Catalog House $9.95
 Grand Trunk Pacific Type E Station scratchbuilding plans Scale model livery stable East Broad Top Railroad Blacksmith Shop scratchbuilding plans
Plan 1046 - Grand Trunk Pacific Type E Station plans $9.95 Plan 1546 - Livery Stable plans $7.95  Plan 2455 - East Broad Top Railroad Blacksmith Shop $8.95
Scratch build plans for barn HO Scale high-rise apartment Main street U.S.A. HO scale structure plans
Plan 1056 - Sumas Prairie Barn plans $9.95 Plan 1568 - Detroit Tenement House  Plan 2460 - Main Street plans $16.95
Scratch build plans for model railroad structure Milwaukee station for model train Scale model car dealership
Plan 1064 - Rancher plans $7.95 Plan 1569 - Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway $9.95 Plan 2498 - Car Dealership plans $9.95
N scale cardstock kit house H O Scale Barkerville scale model HO Scale structure plans
Plan 1090 - "Baby-Boomer's" 70's House plans $8.95 Plan 1583 - Barkerville Assay Office plans  $9.95 Plan 2665 - Heritage House plans $9.95
Modular home for model train building More plans each month feed mill scratchbuilding plans
Plan 1135 - Modular Home Plans $4.95   Plan 2978 - Feed Mill Plans $19.95
  All prices in U.S. dollars  
Looking for a specific plan? Plans are listed and cross-referenced, in most cases, by plan name and category to help you find what you are looking for.
A   Plan Number
Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad (See Control Tower)  
Auto Dealership (See Car Dealership)  

B & O Railroad (Great Stone Viaduct)  
"Baby Boomer" 70's House   1090
Barkerville Assay Office (See "Old West" Structures)  
Barkerville Masonic Hall See "Old West" Structures)  
Barn (See Farm Buildings)  
Blacksmith Shop   2455
Bridges CN/CP Truss Bridge 1790
New England Covered Bridge 1290
Covered Bridge 1400
Foot Bridges 190, 390  
Plate-girder Bridge 1590
  Great Stone Viaduct 1190
Bunkhouse GTP Bunkhouse 444

Canal Tavern (See Taverns)  
Car Dealership Kingsway Motors 2498
Carson House 1240
Catalog House 1900's Catalog House 2428
Central Ontario Railway COR Depot 735
Charlbury Station (See Depots) 821
Charles Village (See Rowhouse)  
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad (See Depots)  
Christ Church (See Churches)  
Christmas Candy Store 1228S
  Christmas Village 1225S
  Glitter Houses 1226S 
Church Christ Church 1272
  St. Mary's Church 1244
CNR/CNoR CNR 3rd Class Depot 2008
CNoR 2nd Class Station 2062
CNR Section House 892
CN/CP bridge 1790
Coal Mine Kaymoor Mine 2098
  Coal Storage Tank 498
  Screening House 1398
  Washing House 1498
  Headhouse 1898
Coaling Station   1042
Control Tower Greymouth NZ Signal Box 445
  A, T & SF Railroad Control Tower 1144
Cookstown Tavern (See Taverns)  
COR (See Central Ontario Railway)  
Cottages Residential - Single Family 704,784, 906, 1176, 1224
Covered Bridge (See bridges)  
CPR CPR Depot 2054

Depots Charlbury Station 821
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Depot 1569
  CNoR 2nd Class Depot 2062
CNoR 3rd Class Depot 2008
CNR Section House 892
COR Depot 735
  CPR Depot 2054
Grand Trunk Railway Type 1 Station 606
  Grand Trunk Pacific Type E Station 1046
  (The) Last Spike 616
NYLB Depot 1730
Princeton Station 879
Detroit Tenement House (See Tenement House)  
Diner Molly's Diner 635
Distillation Tower (See Refinery)  
Drs. House (See Victorian Houses)  
Drive In  Tastee-Treat Drive-In 715
Drive-in Theatre (See Theatres)  

East Broad Top Railroad (See Blacksmith Shop)  
El Dorado Motel (See Hotels/Motels)  
Engine House (See Round House)  

Farm Buildings Sumas Prairie Barn 1056
Grain Elevator 1166
Fort Steele Livery Stable 1546
Machinery Shed (Free project)
Farm House Jessel House 1143
Grandmas House 1163
Feed Mill Johnson's Feed Mill 2978
Fernridge Garage (See Gas Stations)  
Fire Stations Saskatoon Firehall 1783
Orbisonia Firehouse 1023
Florida Eastern Railway Princeton Station 879
Foot Bridge (See Bridges) 190, 390
Fort Steele Fort Steele Stage Lines Office 556
  Fort Steele Livery Stable 1546
Freight Shed (See Trackside Structures)  

Garage Cottage & Garage 906
Free plan - Two Car Garage 576
Gas Stations Fernridge Garage 698
Gas Station 1598
Greencourt Garage 1921
General Store Watson's General Store 1200
Old West Store and Hotel 1495
Georgia House   2036
Gibraltar Point Lighthouse (See Lighthouse)  
Glitter Houses (See Christmas)  
Grain Elevator (See Farm Buildings)  
Grandmas House (See Farm Houses)  
Grand Trunk Pacific (See GTP)  
Grand Trunk Railway (See GTR)  
Gravesend Rowhouse (See Rowhouses)  
Great Stone Viaduct (See Bridges)  
Greencourt Garage (See Gas Stations)  
Green Gables (See Heritage House)  
Greymouth Signal Box (See Control Towers)  
GTP Depot (See Depots)  
GTR Depot (See Depots)  

Headhouse (See Coal Mine)
Heat Exchanger (See Refinery)  
Heritage House Green Gables 2665
Hotels/Motels Cookstown Tavern   1768
  El Dorado Motel 1824
  Old West Store 1495
Houses Residential - Single Family
House Trailers (See Mobile /Modular Homes)

Jessel House (See Farm Houses)  
Kaslo City Hall   2076
Kaymoor Mine (See Coal Mine)  
Kingsway Motors (See Car Dealership) 2498
(The) Last Spike (See Depots)  

Lighthouse Gibraltar Point Lighthouse 756
Lineman's Tool House (See Trackside Buildings)  
Livery Stable (See "Old West" Structures)  
Low-relief Structures Low-relief Cardstock Backgrounds 2020
  Low-relief Industrial Buildings 2060

Main Street (See Stores)  
Masonic Hall (See "Old West" Structures)  
Matawan Freight Shed   730
Mattock School   1297
Mills Arrow Creek Sawmill 1924
  Johnson's Feed Mill 2978
Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway (See Depots)  
Mobile /Modular Homes  Modular Home 1135
Vintage Doublewide Mobile Home 835
Westfield Trailer Park 2170
Molly's diner (See Diner)  
Motel (See Hotels/Motels)  
Murrayville School (See Schools)

New England Covered Bridge (See Bridges)
NYLB NYLB Freight Shed 735, 1730
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad (See Round House)  

Oil Refinery (See Refinery)  
Orbisonia Firehouse (See Fire Stations)  
"Old West" Structures Barkerville Masonic Hall 1700
  Old West Store/Hotel 1495
  Barkerville Assay Office 1583
  Livery Stable 1546
  Watson's General Store 1200
Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway (See Depots - Charlbury Station)

Ladies (See Rowhouses)  
Paramount Theatre (See Theatres)  
Pettigrew School (See Schools)  
Plate-girder Bridge (See Bridges)
Post war Houses   1511
Princeton Station (See Florida Eastern Railway)
Pubs (See Taverns)

Ranchers Residential - Single Family 795. 1064
Refinery Oil Refinery 2088
Renfrew St Cottage Residential - Single Family
Roundhouse New Haven Railroad Engine House 1438
Rowhouses Charles Village "Painted Ladies" 1798
  Gravesend Rowhouse 890
  The Todman House 998

Saskatoon Fire Hall (See Fire Stations)
Sawmill Arrow Creek Sawmill 1924
Schools Mattock School 1297
Pettigrew School 1917
Murrayville School 2317
Screening House See Coal Mine)
Sears House (See Catalog House)
Service Station (See Gas Stations)
Signal Box (See Control Tower)
St. Mary's Church (See churches)
Stage Line Fort Steele Stage Lines Office 556
Storage Tank (See Tanks)  
Stone Bridges (See Bridges)  
Stores Main Street 2460
  Old West Store 1495
  Watson's General Store 1200
Sumas Prairie Barn (See Farm Buildings)  

Tanks Coal Storage Tank 498
  Oil Refinery 2088
  Water Tower 1390
Tastee-Treat Drive-in (See Drive-in)  
Taverns Canal Tavern 1382
  Cookstown Tavern   1768
  Old West Store/Hotel 1495
Tenement House Detroit Tenement House 1568
Terrace House (See Rowhouse)
Theatre Stardust Drive-In 1515
  Paramount Theatre 2169
Todman House (See Rowhouse)  
Trackside Structures NYLB Freight Shed 730
  Trackside Buildings 545
Trailer Homes (See Mobile/Modular Homes)

Viaduct (See Bridges-Great Stone Viaduct)
Victorian Houses Victorian 1408
Victorian Farmhouse 1466
  Drs. House 1884
Vintage Doublewide (See Mobile/Modular Homes)

Washing House (See Coal Mine)
Water Tower (See Tanks)
Watson's General Store (See "Old West" Structures)
Westfield Trailer Park (See Mobile /Modular Homes )

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