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Terms of Service:

By downloading our files you agree to our Intellectual Property License Agreement (Click here for full version). Plans are for your personal use. Sharing or re-distributing is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Thank you for supporting in our continued endevour to provide scaled plans for model railroaders and hobbyists.

Downloaded plans will be automatically registered to your email address and the IP Address of the computer used for the download. If files are lost or accidently deleted at any time, they may be retrieved simply by sending us the Plan Number and Scale, along with your email address.

* We reserve the right to refuse service and to withhold free offers. Contact us for details.

Intellectual Property License Agreement

Please read the License Agreement carefully prior to placing order. By placing an order you acknowledge that you have read this License Agreement, have understood it, and agree to be bound by its terms.

In regard to this document, the term “Plans” refers to the entire content of the files downloaded from this site, including templates, patterns, scaled plans, and Construction Guides.

ScaleModelPlans and T. Carson own all right, title and interest in and to the Plans and grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable copy for the purpose of printing out and constructing for your personal use. You may print multiple copies for your own personal use, and may construct multiple copies or variations, for your personal use, of each Plan purchased.

We ask that you do not share your purchases with others, but rather refer them to this site so that they might choose a project suitable to their specific needs. Sharing of these plans is a violation of International Copyright laws.

We reserve the right to refuse service and to withhold free offers. Contact us for details. is both a business and a service to the modeling community. Our success depends on the support of this community, and the loyalty to, and observance to the Intellectual Property License Agreement. We will strive to do our best to provide an interesting supply of easy to follow structure plans, and we welcome any input or comments.


If you intend on using our plans to produce saleable models please purchase one plan set (license) for each model produced. If producing models for sale please record the last six digits of the PayPal Transaction Code on the underside or visible inside area of the model. Selling multiple models per singly purchased plan set is a violation of the License Agreement and International Copyright Laws. Please Contact Us if you would like clarification, or for other arrangements and conditions.

Technical Support and Warranty:

Implementation of the Plans assumes a certain level of model making ability, however, the scope and coverage of each Plan package should enable success by those of a wide range of model making abilities, including novice. Every endeavor has been made in regard to sufficiency and accuracy, however, in the event of omissions or problems in the interpretation or functionality of plans, please Contact Us and every attempt will be made to update or replace your Plans at no extra charge. Refunds are not offered for digital products. In the event of a problem in downloading the files we will make every attempt to manually send the files to a functioning and verifiable email address.


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Please be aware that content on our websites is protected by International copyright laws and that unauthorized use is a violation of those copyright laws. However, we are flattered when someone likes our images so much that they want to share them, and although we reserve the right to deny permission to use any content from our websites, we like seeing our images and appreciate being credited or linked back. If in doubt please contact us. We are easy to get along with.

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