Cardstock & 'Hybrid' Versions provides comprehensive scaled plans for Model Railroaders and diorama artists. The price of each plan set covers the included scale plans, traceable templates, and generic construction guides for constructing 'scratch built' structures. There are other companies out there that specialize in cardstock models, but our specialty is scale plans for scratchbuilding. However, as avid model builders we have also experimented with cardstock, or paper modelling. To share our enthusiasm for cardstock modeling we have decided to offer a free printable cardstock versions of some, (or most), of our structures. These produce modified versions of our scratch build plans, and often require balsa or styrene parts. We call these 'hybrid' structures. Although we don't charge for the cardstock/hybrid versions, and they are not factored into the price of our plans, they are still subject to our Intellectual Property and License Agreement, are covered by International copyright laws, and are not to be re-distributed. These versions are offered free, 'as-is'. We offer no warranty for these cardstock versions, or our Model Builder Templates files, and reserve the right to discontinue the free inclusion of these files in our plan packages.

If you are purchasing our plan packages in order to recieve the free cardstock versions we hope that you will continue to do so. If you are concerned about whether a particular file contains a carstock or hybrid version you can contact us to make sure. Generally, unless otherwise noted in the catalog description, each plan package does included a cardstock or hybrid version, and several are featured in our catalog descriptions.


Cardstock model using Model Builder software Cardstock model using Model Builder Software Cardstock model using Model Builder Software
Plan 1546 Plan 698 HO Scale Plan 606
The cardstock or hybrid versions will be attached to the main pdf Plan files, when available. The MB Templates are available by request, at any time within 30 days of purchasing your plan set from, by completing the online request form. The templates will be sent by email, usually the same day.

The files are not intended to be used as standalone products, as some of the assembly or detail  information is included in the main set of plans, so please refer to the originally downloaded plan files.
  • Although the MB templates and cardstock versions are free to purchasers of our related product files they are still protected by International Copyright laws and are not to be re-distributed.
  • From time to time software developers may update their products, causing incompatibility or unexpected results. We have no control over those situations and offer no guarantee that our Model Builder templates will work in all situations. There will no refunds should this situation occur, but every endeavor will be made to keep the MB template files current.
  • There are no refunds on digital products. If you would like to check out a sample of a typical file, you can request our Free Plan 576, the Two-car Garage.
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